Thursday, November 6, 2008

memory of our father in-law

I want to express the beautiful memories of you that I share with your son, Peter. I will always know how much you were in love and how much you meant to me. And throughout this difficult time when I want to think of kind thoughts from the past I’ll think of the father-in-law that left so many cherished thoughts in our hearts. May peace be still.

Love Misty Onyeador

Grandpa, although we never got a chance to meet you, we know that great dads grow great kids so we want to thank you for our dad. Through our dad we have gotten to know you quite a bit and from what we know, we are proud to be your grand children. Having a grandpa who’s as special as you, make kids feel loved and special too. So you go and rest in peace grandpa and one day we will meet you in heaven with the rest of the angels.

Love Ezeani and Anya Onyeador

It is really sad that you had to go, but I guess it was just God’s time to take you away. Now you are in a better place where there is no pain and suffering.
We do not know which angle to stand and lament your death. Your matured age and protracted illness do not wipe away the big sense of loss. Well, with tears, we just want to let you know that no matter how you are, we will always remember you even though you are no more. Your warmth love will still be felt for generation to come.
According to Tom Steppard (a renowned Philosopher) “Every exit in life is an entry to somewhere else, he who does nothing should expect nothing”. But we know you did a lot about virtues and righteousness.
As we mourn your exit, we are comforted that your gentle soul is resting in the bosom of the Lord.
May peace, love and progress reign supreme among those who are touched by your death.
Rest in peace until we meet to part no more.

Eddie and wife, Ijeoma Onyeador

It is really a great sign of grief when we got to hear about your departure. Though the dead are better than the living but we regret your loss because you never had interactions with us till your demise. We miss you dearly grandpa. The day we visited you at Enugu with Dad and Mum, our baby sister prayed, little did we know that it was going to be the last we will set our eyes on you.
As we recognize and pay tribute to you and your transition to eternal glory, we promise we will always appreciate and remember you.
Adieu grandpa may your gentle soul rest in the bosom of the Lord.
Fare thee well.
Michael (Jnr.) Chidera,
Melvin Chinonso,
Gabreilla Chinenye Onyeador


So grandpa finally you have left us. You were a reflection of values, morals, dignity, kindness and intelligence.

Recalling the moments we shared together, one funny thing you always did was to manipulate your English with big words while speaking to us that at my tender age then, I did see you as one of the colonial masters that introduced education.

Also my nickname “Pastor” originated from you as a result of always calling on me and me alone to pray for you and Mama anytime you were embarking on a journey.

Papa, your life on earth is really that of a reflection, for you were a loving grandpa and very generous to all who come your way. Highly dedicated to your work and very responsible to the family at large. In fact you made impact to majority of souls.

I love you and will surely miss you. Since during your life time you were never a disappointment, I, your grandchild will never be either. I will surely continue your good deeds from where you stopped and would never let the family name be defeated.

GOOD BYE! I’ll miss you.

Nicholas Ndubuisi Onyeador (Grand child)

Papa, it is hard to believe that you are actually gone. I wish it were just a nightmare so that I could wake up and get over it. But it is real! Your glorious exit is difficult to bear.
What a privilege and blessing to have had you as a father in-law or should I say as a father which really you were. I cannot but help remember the way you were when you were alive; the most wonderful of fathers, a simple man, kind, special and very caring. The way you cared for me especially during my wedding, you took over every thing and made my wedding very remarkable as every one calls it “A societal Wedding”.
You were an individual with high moral standards, a good provider and generous to a fault. One unique attribute of you is the way you crack jokes to calm every situation and was a problem solver, ever ready to see that people around you are happy. Many times you always called me to advice me, you would start with your usual – “Chidi where is your husband? Has he gone to bring back his ship load of sugar from Paris”. And everyone would laugh.
I will never stop remembering you especially your care and concern for others. One thing certain is that you have built a legacy and have left a footprint to be followed. We appreciate.
Adieu Papa. Rest in perfect peace.
Your daughter-in-law


Uncle, the news of your death came to the entire family of your younger brother, late Mazi Anthony Ogbonnaya Onyeador, with great shock.
We know you had been sick for many years, but at last you gave up. That is how God wants it to be. It is well. The news of your departure from earth created a vacuum in my family. Whenever I remember Mekadors Nig. Ltd, I always think about you because you were a good man indeed. One thing is that death is inevitable; everybody must die when his or her time comes. I am feeble and severely broken, I groan because of the turmoil of my heart” Psalm 38:8. I have been reading the Psalms for sometimes, but I didn’t fully understand the above verse until the news of your death, when I received a call from my Mum telling me about your departure from this sinful and wicked world.
Uncle, death should be seen as a purveyor of message to live holy and lovable life while on earth in order to win glorious life in heaven.
May your gentle soul rest in the bosom of the Lord, till we meet to part no more.

Mazi Iyke J. Onyeador
On behalf of the family.


To describe Dede Mike as an epitome of love, gentility and generosity is to reduce his personality as a fine and glorious man. In fact he was much more than this. It is just that I cannot find better adjectives to qualify him.

Dede Mike spends his time caring for the welfare of both his immediate family and others. His home (particularly in Kano) is a rendezvous of sort where every person is welcome and accommodated. In his business, Uncle Mike makes sure that every Aro man who offered himself for employment is given an opportunity to prove himself. Uncle Mike is a good listener and a wonderful counselor. His relationship with individuals knew no boundaries or class. He is open, warm, humourous and intelligent. I sincerely derive a lot of inspiration from his life style.

I have decided to write this tribute on him in the present because he is not dead. He has only left us and gone somewhere as our representative. That place is surely into God’s bosom. Uncle Mike I pray for you, your family prays for you and everybody prays for you. May Almighty and eternal God bless you. Amen.

Marquis Nwagba Onyeador


Death is an inevitable debt that everyone must pay, a necessary end, which comes when it will come. But Dede Mike’s death occurred at the time we least expected. His type as a man is hard to come by. He was an epitome of love, troubleshooter and a devout Christian. He lived a life worthy of emulation. A benevolent and astute man he was.

It is true that you created an irreplaceable vacuum in your family, but we take solace from the fact that you will always be remembered for the legacy you left to your family and community at large. We love you, but God loves you most. May your gentle soul continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord. Amen.

Adieu! Dede Michael Igwe Onyeador

Ozojide’s Family,